10,000 Years and Forever More

“And on that day, when my strength is failing, the end draws near and my time has come. Still my soul will sing your praise, unending. 10,000 years, and then forever more” Those words have been stuck in my head all day, we sung them in church this morning, and, when we first sung them, I realized again how much I’ve changed since I first came to Christ, honestly, about a year ago, at a Mid-Week Group, the leader in my group, Tim Davidson, asked us a question, he asked: “If government officials were to come in here right now and say, we’re going to boil you to death in this big pot of water, unless you say that you were wrong and Jesus isn’t really real, what would you do?” My honest answer a year ago, was, I would’ve lied, honestly, a year ago I wasn’t ready to die for Jesus, I didn’t have very strong faith, even though I was saved. My answer today? If God were to tell me to go die for him, or be tortured for him, my answer would be: “a chance to die for Jesus? Bring it on!” honestly.

I love to see how much God is changing me, making me new. The fact that I can full-heartedly know that even in the valley of the shadow of death, and I know he will make my cup runneth over (cup in this paraphrase means heart) that’s just an amazing thought, that if someone told me right now, one of my worst fears, of having an incurable disease, if someone told me I had that, I would still be full of Joy and happiness, the fact I know that’s a true statement, that’s just so amazing, and I can’t say exactly how it makes me feel with my relationship with God, intimate, I guess would be the closest word. Right now I’m so in awe of God, His love, His mercy, His blessings, His love, His faithfulness, His omnipotence, have I mentioned His love? haha. No but really, I’m in awe of God in all of these things, and most especially right now, in awe of His love, God’s love is incomprehensible. At the camp I was saved at in June 2010, they talked about God’s love, and kind of the best way we can understand how much Jesus went through for us, death by the cross is proven the most painful way to die, still to this day, basically, I’m going to go into this in detail.

So first they whipped Jesus, 50 lashes, but these weren’t regular whips, they weren’t like the cool looking Indiana Jones whips, these whips were designed by very nature to be best designed for ripping off flesh, they were covered in spikes, alot of which dug into Jesus and stayed there. then, honestly I may not have the exact order correct, but then they made him carry his own cross up the hill after the whipped his back off, taunting and jeering at him, they then shoved a crown of thorns on his head, they didn’t like nicely place it on his head, they shoved it on there, with intent of causing as much pain as possible. Then they nailed him to the cross and let him bleed to death, and through it all, he didn’t retaliate, he didn’t even like get angry, he even asked God to spare them, and most of all, Jesus went into it willingly… for us. I mean wow! If that doesn’t move you on the inside, there’s something wrong with you, to think, Jesus died, for YOU! and for ME! I mean I know I may not be like the worst guys ever, I’m not like some gang member, but I mean really, I know I’m not worth all of that, but it doesn’t end there, let’s continue.

Now this is going to have a funny name, but it’s honestly not a funny deal, it’s still a good way to begin to imagine what God went through: I call it: The Awesome Possum Analogy, they said it at my camp the morning before I got saved, it kind of began to give me an understanding of what Jesus went through, imagine there was this possum, and we all jumped up and down on it, and then threw up on it, then blended it up and drank it, that’s an analogy of just the physical pain Jesus went through, now add onto all of this, your sins, everything you’ve ever done, are doing, or will ever do wrong, you know how bad you feel when you’ve screwed up, when you’ve sinned, it’s the worst feeling in the world, so take all of it out of your life and Jesus took that all on him, every single bit of pain we feel from sin, and that’s unimaginable just for one person, multiply that by about 7 billion, along with the awesome possum thing, yeah, that’s how much Jesus loves us, and we for so often say that verse John 3:16 without meaning almost, like it’s just kind of a fact, but Jesus really does love us, more than we can even begin to imagine. I know I don’t deserve that, the one who knew no pain from sin, no anything, was totally pure, took on MY sin, so that I could be free. Wow…

See something John understood like he wrote in John 3:16, something I am beginning to understand, is just how important an aspect God’ love is, I mean John is always talking about Jesus’ love for us, in all his books in the Bible he’s always talks about God’s love, John’s name was literally like, the beloved one, not because Jesus loved John the most, but because John knew God’s love was so important, that he had to make a part of his identity. I mean wow, I can’t comprehend God’s love that I don’t deserve, no good things I can do can earn me God, only a relationship with Jesus, he’s the bridge to God. I’m just so in awe of God, and so intimate with Him and His love, what else do I need? Through God I can overcome anything, even death itself, I will rise again to be with Jesus for eternity! Bless the Lord, O’ my soul, worship God’s holy name, sing like never before, worship God’s holy name. For 10,000 years and forever more.

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